About Us

Our Experience


Business Continuity Consultants, LLC (BCC) was formed in April 2006 to provide professional consulting services to clients to assist them in preparing for and mitigating the risks associated with any type of business interruption event. BCC offers a comprehensive suite of business continuity/disaster recovery planning, development, training, and testing professional services to help its clients reduce their costs of business operational continuity and restoration of services before, during, and after a business interruption event.

BCC works with its clients to deliver quality results in a timely and efficient manner. The attributes we offer include: practical experience; a holistic approach to providing solutions; a broad range of both business and technical knowledge; the ability to collect, structure, and translate data into information that is useful and usable; sound project management skills; a dedication to quality; strong and effective communications skills at both executive and detail levels; and a commitment to providing value that exceeds client expectations.

BCC enjoys client relations with companies both domestically and internationally and has performed long term multi-year contracts and short term single projects with client companies.

Our Approach --> Business Continuity Consultants Vision and Principles


  • Business Continuity Consultants strives to help its clients prepare for, mitigate risks, successfully manage through, and fully recover from any type of business interruption event. 
  • We shall always offer the highest levels of professional services with unquestionable integrity and ethics to our clients at a competitive rate. Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company’s existence and future growth.   
  • We shall structure and practice our professional service offerings using proven core methodologies, based upon “best practices”, yet maintain flexibility to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations of thoroughness, quality and value. 

Our Professional Services Offerings


Business Continuity Consultants, LLC (BCC) has been providing professional disaster recovery and business continuity planning services to clients since 2006.  Some of our more popular offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Risk and Threat Assessments 
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Alternate Site Planning and Assessments
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Cyber Threat Response Planning
  • Supply Chain Contingency Plans
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Table-top exercises, testing, drills, functional exercises, full-scale exercises
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Training
  • Crisis Communications Planning and Message Mapping
  • Thorough After Action Reviews