Questions to Consider

Should we be concerned?

 Do you have a current Risk and Threat Assessment to enable you to understand what you should be planning and preparing for? 

Do you know how much, if any, you should spend on Business Continuity and why?

What are our plans and options?

 Do you have an existing Business Continuity Strategy supported by a current Business Continuity Plan? 

How will it really work?

Does each of your departments have a clear understanding of what its critical operations are and how they will continue to operate?  

Does each department have its own continuity of operations plan to ensure its continued critical operations? 

Who does what and when?

  Has everyone been oriented and trained on their roles in the Business Continuity program?  Are there plans to handle exceptions?  

Are we sure it will work?

  Do you perform periodic comprehensive testing and exercises of your plans?  Are the results of those exercises incorporated into scheduled updates of your plans?  

Where do we stand?

Depending upon your answers to these questions and your certainty of accuracy your level of adequate preparedness may be roughly guaged..

If you have any uncertainty we encourage you to obtain definitive answers from either internal or external resources.